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Electric Flash: Green Cars are Getting Stylish
(154KB PDF)

Drawing for the Future and Putting Pizzazz in GM Cars
(144KB PDF)

Just Drifting: A Japanese Import Roaring on American Race Tracks
(102KB PDF)

Hyundai Santa Fe: The Ambitious Crossover from Korea
'13 Hyundai Sante Fe  (119KB PDF)

The Ford F-150 Still the Runaway Best Seller
'13 Ford F-150  (124KB PDF)

Cruising in a Luxury Liner: The Lexus GS 350
'13 Lexus GS 350  (139KB PDF)

Rolling Through a Superstorm In a Mazda CX-5
'13 Mazda CX-5  (125KB PDF)

Taming Texas in a Chevy Camaro
'13 Chevrolet Camaro SS  (114KB PDF)

Battle of the Asian Bantams: Hyundai Veloster and Nissan Juke
'12 Nissan Juke & '13 Hyundai Veloster  (155KB PDF)

The Corvette: Speed, Grace, and Rolling Nostalgia
'13 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Coupe  (126KB PDF)

The Toyota Camry: Still the one to Beat
'12 Toyota Camry  (105KB PDF)

2012 Explorer: Another Big SUV from Ford
'12 Ford Explorer  (126KB PDF)

2013 Ford Flex: The Big Boys' Toy Bus
'13 Ford Flex  (110KB PDF)

Getting an Edge from Ford
'12 Ford Edge  (108KB PDF)

Three Stretch Crossovers: Seating Seven Without a Minivan
'12 Audi Q7, '13 Infiniti JX35 & '13 Lincoln MKT  (142KB PDF)

The Volvo C-30 Sport Machine
'12 Volvo C30 T5  (104KB PDF)

Over Hill, Over Dale In the Baby Jeep
'12 Jeep Compass Ltd   (129KB PDF)

The Return of the Dodge Dart
'13 Dodge Dart Rallye  (131KB PDF)

Fiat 500: The Italian Gem From Detroit
'12 Fiat 500  (140KB PDF)

A Hybrid Faceoff: Kia Optima and Ford Fusion
'12 Kia Optima Hybrid & Ford Fusion Hybrid  (134KB PDF)

Rolling and Profiling In the Cadillac SRX
'12 Cadillac SRX  (107KB PDF)

What Does $25,000 Put on the Road?
And Would You Want to Drive It?

'12 Mazda 3, Honda Civic HF, Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai Elantra  (161KB PDF)

The Infiniti M-35 Hybrid: Sometimes a Gas Saver
'12 Infiniti M-35 Hybrid  (114KB PDF)

Mercedes C-300:The All-Purpose Luxury Car
'12 Mercedes Benz C-300  (129KB PDF)

Dodging Arrows and Raising Dust: Revving the Horses in a CTS-V
'12 Cadillac CTS-V Black Diamond Edition Coupe  (131KB PDF)

Running on E: The Chevy Volt Hits the Road
'11 Chevrolet Volt  (137KB PDF)

Irene and the Hybrid Lexus CT
'11 Lexus CT 200h  (120KB PDF)

New Kid on the Block: Cruising in a Chevy Cruze
'11 Chevy Cruze  (111KB PDF)

Road Running Investments: 4 Cars Worth More Used Than New
(110KB PDF)

Mazda 6: The Zoom-Zoom Car
'11 Mazda 6   (106KB PDF)

The Prius Triplets: Saving Gas and Avoiding Lightning
(127KB PDF)

Muscle Cars and Speed Kings
(100KB PDF)

Chrysler and Fiat: The Odd Couple Steps Out
(131KB PDF)

Toyota's Surprise Coupe
'11 Toyota Scion tC Coupe  (116KB PDF)

Sliding Along in a Suzuki
'11 Suzuki Kizashi  (111KB PDF)

A Taste of Green Sports: The Hybrid Honda CR-Z
'11 Honda CR-Z  (123KB PDF)

The VW Jetta: Running With the Big Boys
'11 Volkswagen Jetta SEL  (119KB PDF)

Regal Roading by Buick
'11 Buick Regal CXL Sedan  (123KB PDF)

Style, Snow and the Honda Accord
'11 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L  (104KB PDF)

Really Regal Road Running in a Rolls Royce
'10 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe  (114KB PDF)

Something New from Koreans on the Left Coast
'11 Hyundai Sonata Ltd   (104KB PDF)

Party Time, Fiesta Style
'11 Ford Fiesta 5-Door Hatchback  (111KB PDF)

Red Ink and Black Crayons: Drawing the Future at GM and Chrysler   (168KB PDF)

Doodling Sports Cars:
The Art of Andre Hudson  (92KB PDF)

Rich Man's Jets and Family Sedans:
The Creative Crayons of Earl Lucas  (97KB PDF)

Smart ForTwo: When Half a Car Is Still a Lot
'10 Smart ForTwo&nsp; (111KB PDF)

Road Running in the Zoom - Zoom 6
'10 Mazda 6 GT   (111KB PDF)

Rolling in GM's Little Truck
'10 GMC Terrain SLT -1   (109KB PDF)

Two for the Road: The Hybrid and the Sports Sedan
'10 Mercedes Benz S-550 & S-400H   (149KB PDF)

The Square Roots of Cute
'10 Nissan Cube   (168KB PDF)

Running on Empty: Toyota and the Disappearing Credibility
Shifting Gears Blog Post
February 21, 2010   (112KB PDF)

Toyota and the Runaway Technology
Shifting Gears Blog Post
January 31, 2010   (77KB PDF)

Toyota Prius
Leading the Hybrid Pack
'10 Toyota Prius   (145KB PDF)

Meandering in Mercedes' Mini Truck
'10 Mercedes GLK 350   (168KB PDF)

Rolling With the Leisure Class
'10 Lexus RX 350   (149KB PDF)

Contemplation, Slow Jams and Fast Cars
'10 Lincoln MKZ  (157KB PDF)

Rolling With the Road Runners
'10 Hyundai Genesis GT   (130KB PDF)

Hyundai's Mini Wagon
'10 Hyundai Elantra Touring SE   (94KB PDF)

A Little Asian Soul
'10 Kia Soul   (109KB PDF)

The Volvo Everything Machine
'10 Volvo XC-60   (125KB PDF)

Fast, Furious, and a Fine Ride
'10 Chevry Camaro   (233KB PDF)

The Flex
Standing out in a Crowd
'09 Ford Flex   (71KB PDF)

Roaming the City
In a Working Man's Truck
'09 GMC Sierra Hybrid   (73KB PDF)

Infiniti's Road Running
Home Away from Home
'09 Infiniti FX35   (73KB PDF)

Another Surprise From Kia
An Everything SUV
'09 Kia Borrego   (57KB PDF)

Living Large in a Lincoln
'09 Lincoln MKS   (149KB PDF)

Mid-Sized Luxury
'09 a Mercedes C-350   (107KB PDF)

Meandering in the Ultimate Crossover
'09 Nissan Murano   (67KB PDF)

The Little Jet That Could
'09 VW Jetta TDI   (67KB PDF)

Convenience by Design
In a Car for all Seasons
'09 Toyota Venza   (170KB PDF)

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid:
The Low Gas Video Game on Wheels
'09 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid   (163KB PDF)

The TL: Luxury Aimed at Men
Driven by Women on the Move
'09 Acura TL  (134KB PDF)

Revving up the Family Sedan
Racing in a Volvo S-80
'08 Volvo S80  (134KB PDF)

Comfort and Muscles
Rolled Into One
'08 Toyota Tundra  (71KB PDF)

Long Range Cruising
In Suzuki's SUV
'08 Suzuki Xl7  (67KB PDF)

Ridge Running
Subaru Style
'08 Subaru Tribeca  (67KB PDF)

The Zoom Zoom Road Rally
Subaru Impreza and the Mitsubishi Lancer
'08 Subaru Impreza WRX & Mitsubishi Lancer GTS  (73KB PDF)

Seeking Street Cred
Commuting in a Smart Car
'08 Smart Fortwo Cabrio   (71KB PDF)

Low Flying Jets
Ridge Running in a Saab Aero
'08 Saab 9-3   (80KB PDF)

Compact Package of
Gadgets and Versatility
'08 Nissan Versa  (77KB PDF)

Rambling Rogue
'08 Nissan Rogue  (67KB PDF)

Two for the Road
The Altima Cousins
'08 Nissan Altima  (72KB PDF)

Road Running
With Mitsubishi
'08 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR  (70KB PDF)

Mellow Mountain Rides
In the Mercedes ML
'08 Mercedes ML 320 CDI  (70KB PDF)

Putting the Zoom Zoom
In the Family Sedan
'08 Mazda 6  (65KB PDF)

Automated Luxury
In a Computerized Lincoln
'08 Lincoln MKZ  (79KB PDF)

Following Big Brother
In the LR2
'08 Landrover LR2  (68KB PDF)

The Infiniti M
Much More Than a Middling Machine
'08 Infiniti M45  (67KB PDF)

Two for the Money
The Performance Cats
'08 Jaguar XK & XJR  (72KB PDF)

Road Running
In a Revamped G-Thang
'08 Infiniti G-37 Coupe  (129KB PDF)

Less is More
The Compact, Luxury SUV
'08 Infiniti EX35 AWD  (72KB PDF)

The Little Big SUV
Going Everywhere in the Acadia
'08 GMC Acadia AWD  (69KB PDF)

Lightning Striking Twice
The Taurus Times Two
'08 Taurus X AWD & Taurus Limited FWD  (81KB PDF)

Packing a Bundle
Into a Small Package
'08 Ford Focus   (63KB PDF)

Easy Green Rolling
Escape in a Hybrid
'08 Ford Escape & Escape Hybrid   (73KB PDF)

Dodge Grand Caravan
The Rationale for Road Trips
'08 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT  (70KB PDF)

Going Topless With
The Leader of the Pack
'08 Corvette Convertible  (85KB PDF)

The Chevy Tahoe Hybrid
Thinking Small While Building Big
'08 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid  (72KB PDF)

Midsized Marauding in
The Remade Malibu
'08 Chevy Malibu LTZ  (70KB PDF)

Smart, Stylish, Sexy
And Four Fast Wheels
'08 Cadillac CTS  (81KB PDF)

Regal Roading
In a Better Buick
'08 Buick Enclave CXL  (69KB PDF)

The BMW X5 and Land Rover LR3
A Competing Pair of Super SUVs
'08 BMW X5 & 08 Land Rover LR3  (86KB PDF)

Road Racing Quietly
In a BMW 535 Sedan
'08 BMW 535 xi Sedan  (69KB PDF)

Turbo Charged Ridge Running
In the Audi TT
'08 Audi TT Roadster 2.0  (67KB PDF)

Hi Stepping
in the Audi Coupe
'08 Audi A-5 Coupe  (70KB PDF)

Running Wild and Road Tripping
In the Dodge Caliber
'07 Dodge Caliber SXT  (69KB PDF)

Flying in Fine Style
In a Bentley Flying Spur
'07 Bentley Continental Flying Spur  (70KB PDF)

Really Regal Roading
In a Rolls-Royce Phantom
'07 Rolls Royce Phantom   (162KB PDF)

Going Topless in New England
'07 Bently Azure   (73KB PDF)

Grace, Class, Rap and Rolling Thunder
The All-in-One Chrysler 300 C
'06 Chrysler 300-C AWD  (81KB PDF)

Running With the Rebels
The Return of the Dodge Charger
'06 Dodge Charger R/T  (72KB PDF)

A Family Car With Attitude
Cruising in a Dodge Magnum
'05 Magnum SXT  (67KB PDF)

The Quest for the Perfect Ride
Touring in a Bentley Continental GT
'05 Bentley Continental GT  (75KB PDF)

Nina and the T-Bird
A Modern Cruise Down Memory Lane
'04 Ford T-Bird   (145KB PDF)

Edward T. Welburn
Sculpting The World's Wheels   (99KB PDF)

Extended Joy Rides
The Car as a Vacation   (73KB PDF)

Crayons to Race Cars
The Fast Track of Ralph Gilles   (71KB PDF)

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