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Nuclear Economics

David R. Philpot - A One Stop Resource on the Dangers of Nuclear Power
Document   (643KB PDF)

Decommissioning Fund Transfer - Indian Point & FitzPatrick 8-16
Document   (983KB PDF)

NYC Opposition to Ginna Support 8-24-14
Document   (68KB PDF)

ISO Reliability Study for Ginna 7-11-14
Document   (985KB PDF)

NY PSC - Ginna RSSA Order 11-14-14
Document   (311KB PDF)

NYISO 2014 Reliability Needs Assessment
Document   (1.55MB PDF)

NYISO Power Trends 2014
Document   (7.27MB PDF)

New York Energy Highway Blueprint
Document   (11.7MB PDF)

Document   (117KB PDF)

ISO Power Trends 2012 - 6-08-12
Power Point   (1.24MB PDF)

ISO Reliability Needs Assessment - 8-12
Document   (1.24MB PDF)

NYS Transmission Reliability Study - Final Draft - 8-30-12
Document   (2.8MB PDF)

GAO on NRC Decommissioning Oversight - 5-7-12
Moody's Investor Service
Document   (590KB PDF)

GAO on NRC Decommissioning Oversight - Markey Letter 5-7-12
Moody's Investor Service
Document   (1.8MB PDF)

Re-evaluating Creditworthiness for Global Nuclear Generators
Moody's Investor Service
Document   (938KB PDF)

Nuclear Crisis in Japan Hurts U.S. Utilites
Standard & Poor's MarketScope® Advisor
Document   (29KB PDF)

NUCLEAR POWER: Still Not Viable Without Subsidies
Document   (2.31MB PDF)

America's Energy Future: Technology and Transformation
Summary Edition
Document   (2MB PDF)

Renewable Energy Cost of Generation Update
Prepared For:California Energy Commission, Public Interest Energy Research Program
August 2009

Document   (3.14MB PDF)

Fast Breeder Reactor Programs: History and Status
A research report of the International Panel on Fissile Materials
February, 2010

Document   (1.44MB PDF)

The Forever Technology
Energy Matters Blog Post
October 27, 2009   (98KB PDF)

Four Nuclear Myths
A commentary on Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Discipline and on similar writings
Document    (602KB PDF)

2009 Nuclear Power Costs
Document    (337KB PDF)

Alternatives to Indian Point
Document    (2.1MB PDF)

Cancelled Nuclear Units Ordered in the United States
Chart    (188KB PDF)

The Economics of Nuclear Reactors: Renaissance or Relapse? - Mark Cooper 2009
Document    (629KB PDF)

Decommissioning funds 18 plants - June 09
Document    (91KB PDF)

2007 CBO Fuel Reprocessing Costs
Document    (131KB PDF)

Florida's plans to finance new nuclear plants
Document    (482KB PDF)

Future Uranium Availability
Document    (243KB PDF)

Nuclear power: economics and climate-protection potential - A.Lovins 09/05
Document    (534KB PDF)

Moody's on Nuke
Document    (166KB PDF)

Plant Shutdowns - 1997
Document    (3.3MB PDF)

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