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Nuclear Regulation

Regulatory Reform in the Trump Era
Document   (963KB PDF)

IP 2&3 Inspection
Document   (333KB PDF)

Indian Point Closure Agreement: January 8, 2017
Document   (2.3MB PDF)

An Explanation of Capacity Factor
U.S. NRC Blog Post   (3653KB PDF)

Indian Point Nuclear Generating Integrated Inspection Report
Document   (325KB PDF)

Indian Point Unit 2 Cruising Down Davis-Besse Boulevard
Document   (254KB PDF)

NRC Annual Assessment Letter for Indian Point Nuclear Generating, Units 2 and 3
Document   (691KB PDF)

Audit of NRC's Operator Licensing Program for the AP1000 Power Reactor (OIG-16-A-08)
Document   (1.18MB PDF)

UCS Regulatory Roulette 9-10
Document   (143KB PDF)

UCS - NRC Containment Rain Response 7-28-10
Document   (2.36MB PDF)

NY State Department Indian Point Coastal Management Decision 11/6/15
Document   (4.70MB PDF)

Cancer Study Ordered
Document   (81KB PDF)

Cancer Study Cancelled
Document   (10KB PDF)

NY PSC - Reforming the Grid 2014
Document   (656KB PDF)

IP License Extension - NRC Letter - 8-19-13
Document   (208KB PDF)

IP License Extension - Entergy Letter - 5-1-13
Document   (115KB PDF)

State by State Spent Fuel Chart
Document   (34KB PDF)

Lochbaum Commitment Letter - 2.206 Petition 2004
Document   (301KB PDF)

Schneiderman Fire Safety 2.206 Challenge 2011
Document   (1.29MB PDF)

Fed Suit - NY-VT-CT AG v NRC Spent Fuel Storage 2-15-2011
Document   (55KB PDF)

IP Fire Safety Fed Suit Dismissed 3-4-11
Document   (1.65MB PDF)

UCS - Nuclear Near Misses of 2011
Document   (4.24MB PDF)

GAO on NRC Decommissioning Oversight - 5-7-12
Moody's Investor Service
Document   (590KB PDF)

GAO on NRC Decommissioning Oversight - Markey Letter 5-7-12
Moody's Investor Service
Document   (1.8MB PDF)

Spent Fuel Storage - Congressional Research Service - 5-8-12
Document    (839KMB PDF)

Permitting Uprates Outside Fire Standards - Vote Record 6-10-11
Document    (707KB PDF)

Heat Removal from Core Cooling System - Vote 3-15-11
Document    (455KB PDF)

AP-1000 Approval 2-9-12
Document    (309KB PDF)

AP-1000 - Chairman Jaczko Dissenting
Document    (109KB PDF)

2011 Nuclear Near Misses - UCS
Document    (20KB PDF)

UCS - Fukushima Anniversary Report 3-5-12
Document    (217KB PDF)

NRC Stonewall Witherspoon Memo
Document    (53KB PDF)

Flaws in Metal Fatigue Analysis Performed by Computer Software
Document    (111KB PDF)

US House of Representatives Report on Chair Jaczko
Document    (1.84MB PDF)

Status of License Renewal Applications and Industry Activities
Document    (115KB PDF)

The NRC's Reactor Oversight Process: An Assessment of the First Decade
Document    (1.33MB PDF)

Liquid Radioactive Release Lessons Learned Task Force Final Report
Document    (203KB PDF)

EPA - Tritium Defined
Document    (91KB PDF)

Regulatory Perspectives on the Deployment of High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors in Electric and Non-Electric Energy Sectors
Document    (69KB PDF)

GAO March, 2006 Yucca Mountain
Document    (789KB PDF)

IP2 Underground Leaks
Document    (572KB PDF)

NFS Near Criticality Event July,'07
Document    (225KB PDF)

NRC - NFS criticality analysis July,'07
Document    (963KB PDF)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Ignores Public Demands to Stop Water Contamination
Document    (42KB PDF)

NRC signs memorandum of cooperation with China on the AP1000
Document    (38KB PDF)

Ground-water Contamination Due To Undetected Leakage of Radioactive Water
Document    (31KB PDF)

NRC Tritium Dose Allowance
Document    (930KB PDF)

Update: Leaks and Spills of Radioactively Contaminated Water
Document    (237KB PDF)

The Meaning and Proper Use of "Risk" by G. B. Jaczko
Document    (64KB PDF)

UCS - Faulty NRC Large Break Analysis
Document    (249KB PDF)

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