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Dredging dewatering sites picked
Pair of $30M plants will separate liquid from Hudson mud
The Journal News
December 16, 2004  (37KB PDF)

Location is the rule for household waste
Hazard disposal limited by jumble of local regulations
The Journal News
September 16, 2004  (46KB PDF)

Fed rule on plant cooling targeted
Suit: EPA practice that lets power sites kill fish is illegal
The Journal News
July 27, 2004   (70KB PDF)

EPA permits river fish kills
Some say power plant edict falls short in protection bid
The Journal News
February 18, 2004   (37KB PDF)

Ruling protects fish in Hudson
Federal panel says nuclear plants must use `closed cooling'
The Journal News
February 5, 2004   (72KB PDF)

Entergy cleanup cost in dispute
DEC decision on heat pollution challenged in court
The Journal News
February 1, 2004   (39KB PDF)

Water system due for upgrade
Delaware Aqueduct leaks prompt state to study alternatives
The Journal News
December 21, 2003  (47KB PDF)

PCB Fears Grow
Hudson River communities afraid dredging will bring other problems
The Journal News
December 3, 2003  (47KB PDF)

Cooling system decision pending
Plants may need to modify for safety of fish in Hudson
The Journal News
August 3, 2003   (73KB PDF)

Study: Salt, sewage foul Westchester groundwater
The Journal News
June 9, 2003  (42KB PDF)

As Clean Water Act turns 30, much was done; more remains
Many fear changes to law will weaken efforts to clean up
The Journal News
October 19, 2002   (44KB PDF)

Priority: Protecting water from terrorism
Efforts to secure reservoirs upgraded at cost of $70 million
The Journal News
August 18, 2002  (49KB PDF)

Nuclear water leaked into river
Con Ed contradicted; NRC saw no danger from 2000 accident
The Journal News
May 10, 2002  (41KB PDF)

Plan: Ship nuclear waste on Hudson
Federal proposal for Indian Point met by criticism
The Journal News
March 19, 2002  (39KB PDF)

Mohawk way of life fouled by PCBs
Residents fear 250 years of history will be lost in contaminated rivers
The Journal News
November 5, 2001  (6.72MB PDF)

Agency admits polluting water
DEP fined $50,000 for local violations
The Journal News
August 30, 2001   (41KB PDF)

Clear-cut cleanup plan doesn't exist
Any spill during dredging could further pollute river
The Journal News
August 2, 2001  (41KB PDF)

Water quality at risk
The Journal News
July 8, 2001  (47KB PDF)

PCBs Split Hudson Groups
Advocates want toxin out of river
Farmers fight poison landfills
The Journal News
May 27, 2001  (4.26MB PDF)

Dredging up a controversy - Page 1
The EPA favors a monumental cleanup of the Hudson River
The Journal News
April 15, 2001  (2.53MB PDF)

Dredging up a controversy - Page 2
The EPA favors a monumental cleanup of the Hudson River
The Journal News
April 15, 2001  (8.19MB PDF)

Dredging up a controversy - Page 3
The EPA favors a monumental cleanup of the Hudson River
The Journal News
April 15, 2001  (2.82MB PDF)

Down the drain
Aqueduct's condition raises fear of collapse
The Journal News
March 11, 2001  (58KB PDF)

Con Ed: Pressure led to flaws
Push to restart plant affected workers' standards, report says
The Journal News
January 11, 2001   (36KB PDF)

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